I'm not quite ready to go to my new home.

I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon

Introducing Leila, a precious 10-week-old small mix breed with a feisty spirit and a heart full of love. This adorable pup is sure to steal your heart with her playful antics and affectionate nature.

Leila may be small in size, but she has a big personality! From the moment you meet her, you'll be charmed by her lively energy and friendly demeanor. She has a natural curiosity and loves to explore her surroundings, making every day an adventure with Leila by your side.

One of Leila's most endearing qualities is her love for everyone she meets. Whether it's her human family, other dogs, or even new friends she encounters on walks, Leila greets them all with a wagging tail and a wagging heart.

This little bundle of joy is looking for a loving home where she can continue to thrive and spread happiness wherever she goes. If you're ready to add some puppy love and excitement to your life, Leila is the perfect companion for you!

  • Mix
  • Female
  • 3 Months OldMy DoB is 03/27/2024 (Estimated)
  • 6 Pounds
  • Ohio
  • Tri Color
  • Playful & Inquisitive
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
  • I'm Currently In Training
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