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We can't do it without you.

We are thrilled you want to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our rescue. We can't wait to introduce you to our organization and the team that makes it all happen. You can review our Volunteer Waiver HERE. To get started, please fill out our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.

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Pick from multiple volunteer opportunities below

Dog Care

Dog walking and kennel care includes walking and adequately exercising each on-site dog, leash walking, general directions training, cleaning each kennel, feeding and providing fresh water to dogs.

Farm Animal Care

Farm animal care includes AM/PM feeding, water, and observation of all farm animals, as well as mucking (unless your time or physical limitations prevent you from being able to muck).


Transportation is just as it sounds: Transporting animals to and from various vet offices, pet stores, for emergencies, picking up supplies and donations as needed.

Clinic Care (Cats)

Provide standard care for the cats on our main adoption floor. This includes feeding, watering, litter box care, and general cleaning. 

Meet & Greet Care (Cats)

Providing care to any cats temporarily housed in cages for adoption, general cleaning up of the area around cages, taking donations to their appropriate storage areas, and taking out the trash. 

Bathing Area Care (Cats)

The bathing area is home to cages used for cats who are ill, quarantined, or under observation. Care includes: providing food and fresh water, fresh bedding/cage pads, and litter box cleaning.

Surgery Cage Care (Cats)

Surgery refers to the room our most ill and contagious cases are for recovery. Care includes: food and fresh water given, litter box care, bedding replaced (if needed), cages thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Medical Care (Cats)

Medical care includes: Medication administration, wound care, I/O tracking, weight tracking, symptoms observation and documentation, AM/PM facilities rounds, feeding and water cage cats when no cage care helpers are scheduled.

Catio Care (Cats)

The Catio area refers to 3 rooms, including our FELV space (Clover Club). Duties in this area include: fresh food and water given, litter box care, cage care for any cats temporarily housed, and general cleaning. 


Laundry facilities are located in the bathing area, or laundry can be taken to a laundromat if needed.

Litter Pan and Dish Cleaning

Cleaning may take place in the bathing area if needed. Dishes can also be washed in the sink in the clinic at any time, and litter pans can be washed out back in the trough by the dog kennels during warmer weather.


We host events on-site, as well as appearing at off-site events. Duties vary with each event but may include: transportation of animals and supplies, set up and tear down, accepting donations, and manning tables for merchandise. 


From dogs to cats to the occasional small animal, we have many opportunities available. We provide supplies and vet care, you provide the space, care, and love.

Feline or Canine Adoptions Team

Duties include: assisting with adoption paperwork, guiding adopters on the floor, answering any questions, and aiding in the facilitation of an adoption. Must be a regular volunteer who is overly familiar with OFS. 

Pet Store Help

Duties include: cage care (fresh food and water, litter box care, bedding refresh), noting any behavioral or illness changes, answering questions from prospective adopters, and keeping a positive relationship with each store.

Community Outreach

Duties include: Solicitation of donations, creating presentations for educational and donation purposes, grant writing, aiding in event planning, aiding in establishing and maintaining fundraisers.

General Facilities Maintenance

Duties include, but are not limited to: Landscaping upkeep, fence repair, facilities repair and upgrade, appliance troubleshooting and repair, machinery maintenance and repair, snow removal, grounds maintenance and repair.

Dog Care Enrichment

Play with dogs to give them extra time out of their kennels, ideally while their kennels are being cleaned by the AM/PM dog care volunteers. We have space both indoor/outdoor for this activity.

Grant Writing

Duties include: Compose fundraising applications for the farm to receive monetary contributions necessary for its day-to-day operational function. Must have either previous experience in this field or strong written communication skills.

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