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When Acoose started his journey with us, he had severe injuries that necessitated emergency amputation of his front leg and part of his tail. Unfortunately, the wound had likely already triggered an infection, and Acoose had emergency surgery a week later to clean out an abscess forming under the amputation incision. After allowing a bit more time for the infection and inflammation to subside, he had a final surgery to remove the last of the dead tissue and suture everything closed for healing.
Acoose's name means "Standing Above Ground", which turned out to be an appropriate name for this tough little warrior. During his recovery, the hardest part for his foster was keeping him calm - he would have much preferred to be up and running about! As his infection cleared, more of his personality showed. He became more vocal, energetic, and adventurous.
Now Acoose is fully recovered and ready for his furever home! He wants a family who will give him lots of attention and play with him regularly. His favorite thing to do is explore, but he also loves getting pets and scratches. If you scratch his rear end, he will flop over and roll around in happiness. He also likes to flick his tail nubbin back and forth in excitement.
Acoose shouldn't have any long-term issues from his leg amputation, other than an increased risk of arthritis in his other front leg. So far, his mobility is great. He uses the litter box without issue and is able to jump up and down from the bed with ease. He is far too determined of a cat to let something like a missing leg slow him down!
In his foster home, Acoose has done great with the dog and cats. The only thing that intimidates him is loud mechanical noises, like a washing machine starting or the heater kicking on. This isn't surprising, given that we believe his injury was caused by a car or machinery. Due to his outgoing and playful personality, he should do great with kids.
We are so happy to see the progress that Acoose has made. The only thing that would make us happier is to see him in a home of his own!

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Male
  • Youth (7 - 35 Months)My DoB is 03/06/2022 (Estimated)
  • 8 Pounds
  • Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
  • Playful & Inquisitive
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Cats
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I'm Litterbox Trained
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